The lyrics stain around the notes in repetition like a Gertrude Stein poem, dangerously subtle and unassuming. With a sound quality that would make Alexander Graham Bell’s old rusty gramophone blush Radiohead’s new album "In Rainbows" reminds the individual that our generation has gotten too old for psychedelic mushrooms. Produced by Nigel Godrich the introspective beats and poppycock lyrics sober your nerves while your car stereo suffers from its weak shriveled sound system like a cold wet penis. The music is so avant-garde I wear a hockey mask, and attempt eating risotto soy porridge with a plastic spork. It's cathartic. "Arpeggi" and "House of Cards" are among the classics of the bunch. The college boys will say they love it, but secretly don’t understand it. The Elite will play it at ballet class for their three year olds, and Suzanne Vega will probably do an acoustic cover of "Nude".

I love "In Rainbows", and give it a whopping four Mint Juleps out of five. The last one, I drank.

Ironically, I drank it at a gay speakeasy called, In Rainbows. Manhattan 22nd and 8th Avenue. October 12th Midnight. I was in the pumpkin camisole. You wore hazel khakis. Call.

The Radiohead guys are so rich they are giving away this album for free. I was never a Radiohead fan until my college days at Wharton when I first heard "OK Computer". I lost my virginity to the stinging love anthem, "Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box". I’ll spare the details, and specific orifice.

Thom Yorke had the privilege of a rare sit down interview with me at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills:

Beckett Boo esq.: So what’s wrong with the eye?
Thom: Droopy lid.
Beckett Boo Esq.: So, I hear you have a free new album coming out?
Thom: Yea, it’s called “In Rainbows”. It’s a pay what can you can situation.
Beckett Boo Esq.: Is it tax-write-off-able?
Thom: I don't know U.S. tax law. I’m British.
Beckett Boo, esq.: That’s explains the mumbling. Continue - tax law?
Thom: Uh – uh don’t know, but its probably a tax write-off for wealthy Americans with income over $200,000.

[He turns to guitarist Colin Greenwood and they toast with recycled plastic bottles of Volvic water.]

Beckett Boo esq.: You like to get political don’t you?
Thom: I’m just calling them as I see them, bloke.
Beckett Boo Esq.: Is it true that “Creep” was written in the men’s toilet at your alma mater Exeter University?
Thom: I thoroughly deny that in my autobiography.
Beckett Boo Esq.: Wikipedia says its true. But we’ll talk more about that “off the record”.
Thom: No. We won’t.
Beckett Boo Esq.: Why does it take three times alone in your car to understand a Radiohead album?
Thom: That might be your experience, but I can’t speak from an objective point of view.
Beckett Boo Esq.: The eye thing is creepin’ me. No pun intended.
Thom: No problem. You're having an emotional response to something that isn't normal for you.
Beckett Boo Esq.: So do you have anymore questions for me?
Thom: I didn't ask you any questions.
Beckett Boo, Esq.: Touche.

[End of interview.]


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Four Mint Juleps Out Of Five
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