Beckett Boo Esq.'s 25 Random Things About Me

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25 Random Things About Beckett Boo Esq.

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25 Random Things About Beckett Boo, Esq.

1. I invented candles.

2. I have no STD's despite Larry King's accusations.

3. I throw away my plastic bottles like a normal person.

4. I pee sitting down.

5. I went to summer camp with Candace Bushnell.

6. Bubbles creep me out. So does, suntan lotion.

7. I have Academy Awards. As you know.

8. I’m part Cherokee.

9. I deflowered Joy Fanning.

10. I have no favorite cereal.

11. I file away junk mail and yell at my wife as to why coupons were not utilized.

12. I look down on the poor, and envy the blind.

13. I paid for two of the following, but won’t say which; Sex, Murder or Plutonium.

14. I am the only person with a DVD copy of Back to the Future IV.

15. Perez Hilton is my enemy du jour, and if I see him in a club at night I’ll piss on him so he’ll glow in the dark.

16. I hate Oliver Platt’s dramatic work.

17. I have a castle, chateau, estate, hall, manor, palace, hut, residence, seat, villa in all 193 Sovereign States.

18. I was a pirate in the summer of 1439.

19. I smoked a joint with Michael Phelps. I rolled, he lit.

20. My uncle’s cousin’s nephew was one of the “two thieves” who was crucified with Jesus.

21. I see a harbinger.

22. I’ve never eaten after 4 p.m.

23. I’ve never seen a laundry room.

24. I accidentally mentioned at a holiday party to Dick Cheney and Colin Powell that I “thought” Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

25. I have camel toe.

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