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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Today I have entered the blogosphere.

I shall lay out my goals and work towards them everyday, and you will witness all my dreams and ambitions come true. I am half cat / half god. I speak for all man - except, of course, Al Reynolds.

After I awoke from a dream that had me levitating over pools of vanilla soy I heard some scuffling outside. I drew the drapes, and saw two african-american youths arguing over a copy of Kazuo Ishiguro's "The Remains Of The Day." I whispered a "namaste" and began journaling about defying stereotypes. It was beautiful, let me tell you, to see two colored youths arguing over a timeless, compelling psychological study and a portrait of a vanished social order.

I, too, am a colored youth. I'm a Russian Blue with a blog - blessed with rare sense of humour, pathos and wit. No one would believe me if it were not for this site than I am as articulate as the Homosapiens. That is why I have agreed to use this platform and digress my brilliant mind on today's topics.

My goals are as followed: (1) To win a Nobel Peace Prize. (2) Re-new my subscription to Harper's Bazzar. (3) Dine with the Olsen Twins (again) (4) Leave behind the spotlight and direct music videos. (5) Finish my autobiography "I Laugh And I Love - That's How I Stay So Fit!" (6) Visit Vietnam (7) Out Tony Danza (oops, done.) (8) Find the green-est contact lenses in the world. (9) Have a 30-way (10) Write one of those "Idiot's guides to..." (11) to become an Ambassador for the United Nations, and have Nic Kidman be my Interpreter...for all time. (12) To eat a Jolly Rancher.

Every step I take will be toward these goals that I have Outlined above. Don't be afraid to call me out if I stray - an empty silence lights the way.

Thank you for reading, thus far. Please DO NOT bombard me with CAPS when writing to me. They give me *astigmatism (see link below for details).

Anway, I appreciate all your friendships in my short start on the Myspace. Please be open to my thoughts and open minded about my philosophies. I really think I have found The Way.

Perhaps, you can take with you the lessons of a wise Cat-Sage and import them into your soul. I am not a God. I am just a Cat-Sage who can help you ask the right questions so you can teach YOURSELF how to be a God.

God Bless Amerika.


Beckett Boo, esquire
Cat Blogger Extraordinaire


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